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Commission slots for May open! Commission info:
Please send me a note or email me at if interested! Thank you! 

Still have about 5 slots left! u w u
April Commissions open, taking 10-15 Slots!

Commission Info

Commission Queue/Slots

Send me a note or email me at if interested! Thank you! 
They both have only one product each... LOL! 
I don't think I've mentioned this on here before, but if you follow me on Tumblr and Twitter, you'll know I ordered some prints of my old Alola Vulpix picture (with permission from the commissioner, of course!):
  [CM] FamishedDragon by Lunaris21

The prints are 5x7 and are currently on sale on Tictail for $5! I only ordered 50, and I've already sold quite a few and it only went on sale yesterday, so if you want one you might want to make sure to buy it this week, if you can!

Up next, I've made a Gumroad!!! Here I'll be uploading some compilations of previous Patreon rewards! Of course this will be a bit more expensive than just subscribing to patreon, but you get to pick which rewards you'd like! So far there's only one, which is  a compilation of January's sketches for $5!

Thank you all so much for your support!! I'm sorry I haven't been replying to comments, it's just I have had a lot of art queued to post and I've been getting a lot of comments so I just keep looking at them build up and getting nervous ; 0 ; I'll go through them soon!! 
I forgot to post this here earlier! Commissions for March are open! Info here:…

I’m doing things a bit differently this time. You can reserve a slot and pay me the first week of March instead of paying me right now! Please be sure you can pay, because if you back out I’ll be forced to put you on a cooldown list! 

E-mail me at  or send me a note if interested! thank you!
Taking Commissions for February!  Comm info here:…

Note me or Email me at  if interested! thank you!

Opening 2 commission slots for JANUARY! Commission info:

Email me at or send me a note if interested! Thank you!

Ref sheets now available! Example

Comm info:

Send me a Note or Email me at  if interested!
Sketch Stream!
Commission info here:…

Send me a note here or an e-mail at with filled out form if interested! Thank you!
Due to technical difficulties the gacha has been postponed, I'll update this journal when we decide on the new date/time! Im sorry for the inconvenicnce!

(Sorry if I upload too much today and tomorrow!! I'm trying to get this gallery back up to date with tumblr and twitter!)
Streaming with catling and constellationkitty! Just gonna be doing practice stuff! 
I'm going to be participating in a halloween gacha with some other artists, where you can pay to buy a random halloween adoptable of the ones we've deisgned!
(if I have time I will post some previews of mine over the next few days!!)


Lunaris21toripngkululu-xiaoNokkelborth catlinq and GForceArt 
The theme is folklore and mythology! 

(Also hi sorry I never post, I just feel really bad that I never end up posting art here bc I'm swamped with projects and work ;___;')
I notice that I never actually try and reach out and talk to you guys??? Unless I'm like, streaming.
I'm sorry I'm really just a shut-in, I do love and appreciate you guys I just
Don't really know how to go about interacting with people??

I've really been falling behind on producing art and its making me hate myself a lot but on the plus side I got my binder in yesterday and I lovelovelovelove it and it's making me a lot more comfortable and happy so that's really good for me mentally!!

On the downside, wow my stomach feels awful rn and so I am taking the time to try to be more sociable since I don't think working on comms is gonna work in my current state. u v u;

So how are you guys????? Is there anything you wanna tell me? 

(Oh omg, if you have any music you wanna show me that would be awesome, I love listening to new music!! music is like my favorite thing and I listen to it almost constantly)
I'll try to be more accurate about when I've closed them this time. orz Sorry the last few weeks have been crazy for me.

Commission info:…

Chibis: $25
Icons: $20

If you're interested please send me a note here or an e-mail at! Thank you!

NO I AM SO SORRY OK BUT ON MY BIRTHDAY MY PARTNER GAVE ME THEIR COLD AND SO I WAS SICK ALL WEEK and I didn't really respond to any messages bc I felt like crap but also I am trying to finish a 20 page comic in 2 weeks AND ALSO I am backed up on commissions so

I mean long story short I'm crazy as always and am trying to do too many things at once and will probably die.

But anyway, my cold is FINALLY clearing up after a week and a half and I dont have to blow my nose every 5 minutes so!! That's great

But thank you guys so much for wishing me a happy bday and being great!!! I'm sorry I didn't say so sooner!!
View my Commission Prices here:…
(I'd appreciate if you filled out the form when you email me!)

1. (RESERVED) ShayWolf
2. Zoruaboyrich fa
3. Straviios fa
4. Lost-Hope fa
5. FamishedDragon Twitter

Send me a note here or an email at  if you're interested!
View commission info here!

1. TAKEN - Steve - not paid
2. TAKEN - Straviios - not paid
3. TAKEN - iamtherainbow - not paid

Send me a note or e-mail at or comment here if you're interested! Thank you! > w <

Hi!! I'm doing really well!! My physical therapy ended yesterday, and I was really worried about it but I've improved RIDICULOUSLY since I got this new chair and started working on my posture more!! It wasn't very expensive either, so that's good ; v ; I also got a new tablet a little while ago that I didn't mention here! It's just a huion, but it's working reallllly well and should make doing more detailed stuff eaiser for me!! (And so will not having hand pain > v >) I still have a little hand numbness here and there, but the therapist said that will go away once I get rid of all the tension in my neck ; w ;' I've at least regained full range of motion in my neck!!!

I WANNA GO ON A SMALL RANT ABOUT if you're having hand pain and you or your doctor suspect you have carpal tunnel, ask them to check your neck/shoulder too just in case!! When I first went in I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel, but the brace and medicine didn't really help much, and I was...admittedly scared of surgery so I didn't go back > v >; He said the pain could have been radiating from my hand to my neck, but it was the other way around... I didn't really pay attention to any neck/shoulder pain I had because I've had neck pain since I was 12 from bad posture... :'D It just finally started pinching a nerve after I strained a muscle a little. So if you have like any tingling or weakness or even just muscle tightness above your wrist I think you ought to get your neck checked out... I feel like neck pain is super common because most of the time we have p bad posture when we sit at a desk a lot, so yeah... just have them check, it probably won't take a lot of time and it's good to rule it out!

I wanna make a tumblr post about it but I wanna wait until my nerve problems in my hand is 100% gone P:

ANYWAY how are you guys??? :3

EDIT: Why did I say monoprice?? then again its practically the same tablet as huion...lmao

EDIT: and ughhh I'M ALMOST OUT OF PREMIUM...once again I was sick most of the time I had it, //sobs its a curse... and I'm kind of more broke than I wanna be rn so I'll probably leave it for a little.. I got other things I need more than premium lmao